Writers’ Renewal

Writers’ Renewal is a series of workshops aimed at writers in any setting who are feeling a little thin on inspiration or desire to write.

I’s so important to replenish the well from where we draw our creativity and dedication. Many – if not all – of us are under pressure from deadlines, from the need to fulfil contract or research obligations, the need to write as well as do everything else that life demands of us.

Writing is a skill that’s expected of us, as if words and sentences and the engine that drives them are all well-oiled, endless and have no need for maintenance.

But then, someone said to me the other day ‘so do you need to wait until you are inspired?’ I bit his head off a little bit. (Ed: Can you do that a little bit?) I said imagine if any writer you can name had waited for inspiration. Do you think there’d be any books? Newspapers? Results of research?

And yet if we don’t take care of the inspired part of ourselves, we can get blocked. So there is a balance – a precision to the care we need to give our writing spirit.

So, these workshops are designed to help you and your writers, your faculty or your staff, replenish, renew, reconnect and remember how.

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