one to one

Josie offers one-to-one practical support with writing.


So, you’re not writing. You mean to but you can’t get to the desk somehow. Or you may have been writing for some time and enjoying your work but suddenly it’s gone.

Maybe you didn’t notice that you hadn’t been to the desk for a weeks. You’d been so busy. But you’ve begun to worry – where did my mojo go? And why doesn’t it come back even though I want it to?

Where it went isn’t important,  you may as well ask where dreams go when we wake. Why, though, is usually  simple. And can be deadly.

Each writer is unique and has a reason why they’ve stopped. Coaching provides a safe place to explore the issues.

It’s not psychotherapy. I am not a therapist but a writer and a teacher with a lifetime of experience and a hard-won doctorate entitled Writing on the Cusp of Life and Fiction. I offer steadfast companionship on the journey – a chance to take a walk  figuratively  – to the place where something hurts enough to stop you writing. We recover your inspiration together and get you back on the path.

We can build in elements of goal setting and accountability, and also editorial advice. I read an agreed amount of words of your work as part of your one-hour package and over the weeks or months we work together I can do that each time.

Writers’ coaching is tailor made and can focus on different needs as necessary.

Coaching costs £75 per single hour. Longer term packages available at a discount.

We also run a Pay What You Choose  once a month on a first come first served basis. I will read 1000 words and spend 40 minutes on the phone in each session. To find out more about this Send me an email.

What people say:

‘I had a great story, a publishing deal, a title – and a truckload of terror. Josie helped me to comb through my ideas and find a coherent structure in the chaos. She calmed me down, held my hand and encouraged me to get those most traumatic experiences out of my head and on to the page. My book seemed like a pipe dream – now it’s complete.’  Jessica Jones, Author of  The Elegant Art of Falling Apart


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