October 2020 Memoir Writing Course

We are still on Zoom but there are advantages – such as being able to connect with people in different countries. The start date for the course is Wednesday 7th October. The first term of the course will run for eight weeks and cost £220. Second and third terms will run in 2021 but there is no obligation to sign up to those.

You will probably complete one shorter piece of memoir, or begin a longer piece during this course. You will be encouraged to experiment in order to find your subject or theme.

In each term there will be four instruction weeks and four workshop/reading aloud weeks. The instruction-week sessions will run for forty five minutes to one hour and the workshop- week sessions for approximately two hours.

The instruction weeks will give you examples of memoir writing, and you will learn some of the techniques of fiction that memoir writers employ. You’ll get exercises and then in the workshop weeks you will learn from the critique.

The course fee will include one 1:1 tutorial and the maximum class number will be eight people. If you are ready to commit now you can pay with PayPal.

if you are not a PayPal user or you would like to have a chat before you sign up, please fill out the form below.

NB: One of the eight places will be a scholarship. Please make a request for that place using the form below.




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